Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pretty n' Pink

This is a double pocket card that my sister taught me how to make. I really enjoyed coloring the little girl that I stamped. I added some glitter to sparkle it up. I sent the card to my granddaughter who lives in Mass. and she really loved that card. I had to tell her to check the pockets for the money that I had sent her.


  1. Kay did you get info from Gingersnaps, I don't show that you are a new member. Email me!!

  2. See you on Gingersnap as a new member. When you get home from you trip take a challenge and I will help you post it.

  3. Kay, You've got to check out the new DT at Ginersnaps, there is even a lady from Greece, can't wait for all the challenges. Hope you had a great time while in Vegas.

    Love, Sis