Monday, October 12, 2009

My Scrapbooks

Today I thought I would share my version of scrap booking. I am not a scrapbooker. My sister Sue is the master scrapbooker. She has made some beautiful scrap books. You can check out her blog here. She is also a great cardmaker. We both have been doing crafts together all of our lives. My faux scrapbooks are made using artist canvas. I painted them so that the backrounds were uneven. I used pictures of my husband and I as children then teens and then our wedding picture. I embellished them with wording and ribbons and some charms.
My children are spread out all over the country so I really enjoy looking at these pictures each day as I go in and out of my house. They are all married and have children of their own. My youngest hasn't started his family yet so I will love getting more grand children in the future.
Hope you have a great day

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  1. I miss the ones we did of mom and dad, they are in the house in Utah. I love your work and as usual you inspire me to be better.