Thursday, January 28, 2010

Erika's Blog

As you can all see I haven't posted in some time, but I hope that I will soon get back to making cards. I have been making chatalaines for my quilt group. As usual I made more than I really needed to make, but they made me happy while I was making them. It was fun to find fabrics from my stash and play with combinations. As you can see I found some really cute tiny scissors to put in the pouch. I hope that will enjoy them when they are doing their handwork, but since this is the beginning of my next years Christmas, they will have to wait until then. Each chatalaine has it's own personality just like my friends. They each make me smile because they are such cheerful colors. I have finished that project so I will getting on to other things. I am posting to let you all know about Erika's blog, taylordconcepts. If you have some time, stop by and take a look at all of her fun ideas.

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  1. Am I on your list? Hopefully I'll be back soon to join all the quilters. So miss doing all these fun things will you. Love, Sis