Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Dolls Finished

These are a few of my little dollies that I have been trying to finish. I have quite a few to get done so these are the first for this year. It is m y goal to get them done this year. I don't have any more space to display them, but I will finish them anyway. My house is packed with my babes. but they are fun to look at and enjoy. The little boy up above is a doll that I made a few years ago that reminded me of my grandson, Daniel , as a child. Daniel is 17 now.

This is Flossie. She is an adorable doll in her lavender dress with lots of ribbon embellishment. I absolutely love her expression and her lovely dark eyes.

I made a broken doll into this hat stand. The dolls head was mounted on a wooden stand then I decorated the doll and the stand. I think she turned out quite cute. She is one of two like this. I just couldn't throw this head away because her face is so lovely.

This little ballerina is not my doll, but I dressed her and I think that she is so cute. I hope that her owner will like what I have done with her. I dressed her in my favorite color. The dollmaker said that this doll is supposed to be her as a child so I hope she will be happy to see her.

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  1. As usual love all your dolls, great idea for the hat stand. Just noticed you added your facebook to your blog, pretty cool. Did you let the ladies at Gingersnap know about your dolls, am sure that they would like to see them. Talk with you soon. Love, Sis